14 February 2011

its not easy doing everything


its quite true ryte? that its not easy to do many things..last week, i successful managed teaching someone about law's subject.but not really successful la coz not enough tyme to finish all the topic within a limited tyme. so sorry:(.i realize it is not easy to teach people.so its mean be a teacher is not easy too.it really needs preparation and fully understand about the subject, there4 we can teach people clearly.otherwise, we will stuck n blur during teaching*_*.(what a shame).however, 'some1' managed answering the test and i'm happy to hear that.insyAllah tawakal:) this is my first time teaching people.moreover it is a law subject.truthfully, i'm happy because i got new experience.so this means i'm practicing myself to become a teacher la one day?a lecturer maybe?hehe insyAllah..i'm not deciding yet what i'm gonna be in future.lecturer?lawyer?legal advisor?ptd?haha dunno la.lets leave it to Allah.He knows the best 4 His servant:)

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