29 September 2011

sedikit nasihat,xpe kan? :)

assalamualaikum, hai hai :)

tadi dapat kol dari seorang kawan, dari semalam ag dye ade masalah
tapi macam tak nak share je kan
pujuk punye pujuk barulah dye ckap y saye bz sgt
so macam xmau ggu la kan

1stly maaf sangat2
jadual ini sem eh eh jadual sem ni agak pack ler
dari pagi sampai petang
tak tambah ag kelas malam every tuesday
harap anda memahami :)

2ndly pulak, thanxs
sb terase ngan saye n make me realise who i am
sape2 y knal saye, mereka akan tau y saye ni bukan jenis y mudah nak share smthing with everyone
termasuk la masalah or ape saje
saye ni jenis y simpan lam hati la kot
lame2 then meletop boom~!
haha tak de la sampai meletop
cuma melatih diri bersabar ngan ape jua keadaan
sabar kan separuh drpd iman
meluahkan ketidakpuasaan hati kat orang tu mmg digalakkan, sekurang2 nye hati jadi tenang jugak,,
tapi kalau sesi meluahkan tu dicampor dgn membuka keaiban orang lain, mengumpat n mengeluarkan kate2 y tak elok, better xyah luahkan..
tambah2 bukan senang nak luahkan perasaan kat orang ni,,it needs trust..n trust is not something that u can earn for a minute..maybe it takes a year or more..

bukan bermaksud tidak percaya,,percaye tu ade cuma belom sampai 101% lagi..
plus sebelom ni penah ade experience kene tipu bagai
people said, experience makes a good teacher
so now i am taking precaution from being lied again

bukan senang nak mengubat hati y terluka
it may takes one or two years..or maybe forever
it depends on individual

talking bout love
i am pretty sure that everyone ever had this problem
saye pernah terluka dan kalo bole xnak terluka lagi
it is like once you have been hurt, you are so scared to get attached again. like you have this fear that every person you start to like is going to break you heart.
but past remains past. it cannot be changed, forgotten, edited, or erased. It can only be accepted.

kepada insan y bername lelaki
cinta itu mmg fitrah setiap insan
songsang la kite kalau lelaki tak tertarik kat perempuan dan perempuan tak tertarik pade lelaki
if you love someone, do love her for the sake of Allah
and you can feel that your love is so pure
but in condition..
never take her for granted
examples : dating

if you are really love her for the sake of Allah
do meet her parents and ask for permission
it is the better way compare to others right? :)

and please do not make a promise if you can fulfill it
" i will take a good care of you for the rest of my life "
there is a hadith saying that one of the characteristics of hypocrite person is the one who are not fulfill their promises.

if you have a hope in your relationship, do achieve it
never let the hope remains hope forever
if you intend to marry, do take a proper steps provided in syariah
but if you don't, please do not hurt the woman's heart

sometimes, that girl who seems so strong, who never lets what people say bother her, who smiles and laughs with her friends all the time, is really the girl who, deep down, is falling to pieces.
a girl is still a girl, never compare her with a guy.

think before you want to involve in love.
you maybe think that you have been single for a long time, but remember this:
the longer you have to wait for someone, the more you will appreciate her when she is finally arrives.
the time will come, do have confident in Allah, He knows best for you :)

experiences really do make us a good teacher
nobody is perfect & i am nobody..
do forgive me for any mistakes :)
wallahu'alam :)

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