27 June 2012

day by day...

it has been almost 3 weeks i am having my law attachment programme (lap)..everything is going well. seriously. plus i am happy. even there are some pressure but it was kind of interesting. ya, i admit working is more tiring than studying, but each of it has its advantages and disadvantages. maybe because of its surrounding. staffs there are sooooo friendly. joking everywhere, listen to music together *even raya's song* in order to release stress and happying ourselves, eat together *treat us goreng pisang, kopok lekor, satey etc*. plus tomorrow they organize some kind of *jamuan makan-makan* to celebrate other practical's students whom are going to leave:( so sad. because we are already close to each other *even me stay there for only 2weeks++*

today, i sat in front of judge. in other words, besides bailif:) its not first time actually hehe but everytime i sat there, the feeling was just ..........*dun know how to describe*. actually its depends on situations. if the cases are quite sad, i might cry! haha sorry *saye memang sensitip*. but there, i learn a lot. the procedures. how the lawyers examine the clients. how the judge gives the judgments. a lot of cases everyday. *ragam manusia yang berbagai*..the most important thing is, it is not easy to deal with different people with different attitude. differ people need different judgment and treatment. patient are tested here:) and what i am truly happy is that because there is justice. fairness. equity. amanah. tolerate. etc. judge play a role by fulfill obligations said by Prophet Muhammad saw : "when you judge among peoples, judge it with fairness (adl')"
 واذا حكمتم بين الناس فحكموا بالعدل

hoping for the next next next days with barokah from Allah for me and friends to learn new things wisely. insyAllah..ameen:)

*bi hancus, trying to improve hee*

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